Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

How large or how small can my wedding be at Green Gables?

The Estate can accommodate from the largest to the most intimate wedding day.  We can customize a package to fit your dreams for you wedding day and your budget.

How many hours do I get with "one wedding per day" at Green Gables?

Many couples choose to schedule their event in the afternoon. This allows for:

  • Special light during the ceremony
  • Sunset light for "social hour"
  • Twinkle-light reception in the gardens and under the tented pavillion

In that case, the entire time that you have use of the Estates Bridal Parlor, Ceremony Lawns, and reception Gardens and Pavilion is up to 10 hours.

Is the rehearsal day an extra fee?

Rehearsal is included in the package at no additional fee, based on availability.

Is the Green Gables pet-friendly?

Yes, Bride and Groom’s special pets are allowed at the pet owners’ own risk and discretion. Some rules apply.

Can I bring my own decor for centerpieces and gardens?

Yes, Green Gables allows creative brides freedom to enhance the estate and create a unique and personal wedding.  Some restrictions apply.

Can I hold a date? Do I need a reservation for my wedding date?

The Estate has a "no hold" policy, therefore a credit card or other form of deposit is the only way to reserve a specific wedding date, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Be sure to call the coordination office after your tour appointment.

We cannot guarantee a specific date will still be available at the time of your tour. Dates reserve quickly due to the fact that the estate is host to only one wedding per day.  It is best to call the coordination office if you have a specific date in mind so that we may check it prior to your tour.

Can I bring in my own caterer, vendors, etc?

Yes, Green Gables allows a limited number of outside caterers per year, and also offers in-house catering within a customizable package. Also, we welcome outside vendors, and they can be approved through our coordination office.